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We are creative and stylish. Presenting your content beautifully is be our first piority
We work smart. We do so much, especially under time constraints.
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Who are we?

We are fellow engineers who like to create new things and work with new people like us. Because of this reason, we are working with all kind of nerds who help our customer by our high standart. We have started to develop software at 2001 with different company name for Turkey locally. In 2015 we have decided to work globally and created Hunsoft because of demand from customers. We are focused on website, mobile apps and games. And more importantly We love we do!

What are our goals?

First of all; as you know, software bussiness has lots of solution providers. However, most of the services are overpriced or very amateur. As hunsoft workers, we want to create affordable and professional project as our customers deserve. Secondly; our the most common desire is work on new projects. Do things which hasnt been done in our job. We love to do nerd things, and suprise our users.

Where are we?

Everywhere! We work with lots of developers around the world but if we have to speak about a base of Hunsoft, it is in Istanbul in Turkey.