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Pikar.NET Web


We have created an advanced website for Pikar dating network. Pikar is a mobile based dating application which has powerful tools to match up people like Live Video Chat and complex algorythms to search. However, to make it works on every platform, we decided to create a webpage which has main features of the mobile app. Show More

Liman Hotel

In this journey we have created beatiful and simple webpage for this cozy hotel, near by beatiful beach in Palamu, Turkey. The website has been designed for local customers spesificly. We have choosed relaxing and shooting colors for the theme. We think, this tiny project is right on target. Show More

SlimeWar is a crossplatformed, multiplayer (MMO RPG) game. Player control slimes, eat orbs, get bigger and kill low size enemy players and earn kill points. Your size level can be converted to score point by obtaining the Dominance Flag. While you are carrying the flag, you gain speed boost but every second you loose size level.


Check the website for more info

Edusa GPS Tracker


Are you a worried mom or maybe you just want to be sure all your family members are safe? With edusa, you can track anything without any expensive system. Just install edusa on both you and the family member, you are good to go.

Edusa is free and powerful tracking system. You can track daily route of your your children or your company vehicles. Show More

GIFMaster Mobile


Creating quality, stunning GIFs is very easy now with GIFMaster. Even we can say that it is easier than doing it on PC.

To creating your own GIFs, you choose a source. You may turn your videos to GIFs with just a few touch. Select your video from your phone, choose your framerate and click Play to start covert it. Frame rate is one of the elements of quality. We didnt limit the section. However you should be aware of your phone`s memory during the converting step. If GIFMaster reaches your memory limit, it stops automaticly. The second quality element. You may resize the end result your GIF and make it fits to your upload target. Show More


we are thankful for the fast and quailty work for our hotel website. We are meeting new customers every day because of it.

Customer Manager of Liman Hotel - Melih DENİZHAN