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02:57:32 31-01-2017

Creating quality, stunning GIFs is very easy now with GIFMaster. Even we can say that it is easier than doing it on PC.

To creating your own GIFs, you choose a source. You may turn your videos to GIFs with just a few touch. Select your video from your phone, choose your framerate and click Play to start covert it. Frame rate is one of the elements of quality. We didnt limit the section. However you should be aware of your phone`s memory during the converting step. If GIFMaster reaches your memory limit, it stops automaticly. The second quality element. You may resize the end result your GIF and make it fits to your upload target.

With the timeline control of GIFMaster, you can add, remove new frames to your GIF from different source or just text Frames. You can control your GIF frame by frame or do mass changes on it. After converting your video to frames, you can do more spesific adjustments with timeline control. Deleting frame after, or before some frame, resizing, adding text etc.


  • Timeline controlling
  • Managing time for each frame or mass
  • Adding frame from images
  • Converting videos to frames
  • Adding text to frames
  • Recording video
  • Setting custom width and height

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