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Edusa GPS Tracker
10:45:04 01-02-2017

Are you a worried mom or maybe you just want to be sure all your family members are safe? With edusa, you can track anything without any expensive system. Just install edusa on both you and the family member, you are good to go.

Edusa is free and powerful tracking system. You can track daily route of your your children or your company vehicles. Just install Edusa in your phone and person WHO you want to track and start getting location and route information. It is that easy!

Supported features

  • Works in background
  • The internet bandwidth need is very low. (around 1mb for a month)

  • Battery friendly

  • You can change timing for sending location

  • Remotel control option (Starting or stopping service while showing information to client)

  • Getting current location

Extra information:

Edusa is not suitable for spy actions. We are providing every information to client when the tracker try to fetch information.

We are not storing any location information in our database. The client directly connects the tracker by the security of Google service.

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