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We are creative and stylish. Presenting your content beautifully is be our first piority
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How we create websites?

Our working system has 3 bases on website creation.
  • Templating
  • Programming
  • Debugging
While processing with theese base points, we like to inform our customers on every steps, and get feedback. We give our users a Client Panel account for tracking our every steps. Examine our panel with demo user:
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1. Templating Step

In templating base, we are using html5 and css3 to create web templates works with search engines perfectly and responsive to all kind of devices like mobiles, tables etc. In this way, your content will reach to your audience easly and will be seen correctly. When we created the general design of the website, we share it with our customer to get feedback about it. If we can positive feedback, we countinue to other steps. Otherwise, we take nessesary steps to satify our customer.

2. Programming Step

While we are at programming stage, we always focus on creating fast and powerful solution to our customer needs. We prefer to working with Linux based programming languages like PHP and SQL. We also usually use the technology of JavaScript, AS3, Flash, or XML fields when they needed. This steps only belongs to the nerd who are software or computer engineer.

3. Debugging

Debuggin part has 2 inner steps. Alpha stage and beta stage. In alpha, we test our software in company based. If software passes alpha stage then we deliver the software to our customer and beta stage begins. In beta stage, we work for our customer 1 month free. We get all kind of feedback and fix things immediately.